Project Studies and Interdisciplinary Projects (IDPs)



Available topics

The TIM group periodically offers Interdisciplinary Projects (IDPs) for IT students. The lecture part is usually covered through the attendance of "Advanced Technology and Innovation Management" and a subsequent oral exam. For further questions and applications please contact Juliane Wissel.

Project Studies

Available topics 


If you plan to conduct your project studies in cooperation with us, we offer you the following options to choose from:

  1. We regularly offer new project studies. Usually, we post these on this website. The posting will name a contact person that you can address in case you are interested in the topic.

  2. Alternatively, you can contact us with an idea for a project study of your own if you think it fits with the areas of research and teaching of our chair. Please contact one of the team members via e-mail and include a short draft of your idea (synopsis of the project including partner company, contact person in the company if available, etc.).

Application and Registration

  • Application for a topic offered by the chair: Please send a complete application (CV, transcript, short cover letter) to Juliane Wissel to apply for the topic.
  • Own ideas: If you want to submit your own suggestion, please include a short description of your topic (approximately one page). Please also send these documents to Juliane Wissel. We will then try our best to find a suitable supervisor at our chair.
  • Register (after receiving confirmation from advisor): Download and complete the correct registration form and send your registration form to your advisor for approval.
  • Submit the signed registration form (printed version) to Henriett Kakonyi (room 2514).

Hand-over of the final report

The following documents are required at our chair:

  • 2 hard copies of the final report (including a signed declaration of authorship / "ehrenwörtliche Erklärung")
  • Electronic versions of the final report (Word and PDF)
  • Electronic version of the final presentation
  • Stata files (data, syntax)
  • Literature files (e.g. Endnote or Citavi)

Please discuss with your advisor whether additional documents could be required.


Please familiarize yourself with the information sheet. In case of any remaining questions, please contact Juliane Wissel.

Additional forms as well as German versions of the previously mentioned forms can be found on the faculty website.